What Can I Invest in As a Nigerian Student

Students must understand how to begin investing in Nigeria. You must be aware that the job market is saturated, with millions of graduates scouring the streets daily for rare job possibilities. Nigerian students have the best chance to start their journey to financial freedom and prosperity, especially if they have limited resources. According to research, … Read more

Which Bank Is the Best for Mortgage Loan in Nigeria

Mortgages represent loans used to maintain or buy land, home, or other sorts of real estate. For mortgages, the borrower signs an agreement to fully repay the lender under a specific period, usually in regular installments divided into interest and principal. The property is utilized as security for the lender’s loan. Borrowers are expected to … Read more

How To Make a Good Investment Portfolio in Nigeria

Nigeria is considered a populous black nation and dubbed “Africa’s Giant,” is rich in human and natural resources, with many of its potential untapped or underutilized. Nigeria is full of opportunities for anyone wanting to invest, from the southern part, which is blessed with an abundance of oil and several natural resources, to the northern … Read more

5 Best Way to Manage Debt as A Nigeria Low Income Earner

Borrowing from family, friends, and co-workers is common among low-income employees, especially when their take-home allowance is depleted before the month ends or their monthly salary is delayed beyond expectation. Borrowing isn’t necessarily a terrible thing if it’s necessary, but rising debts is what might financially kill you and your aspirations. If you spend more … Read more