How to Get Instant Loan Without Payslip In South Africa

Every time a South African requests for a loan, they must meet specific criteria. Any lender will want to make sure the borrower will repay the loan and correctly pay for the service before proceeding. Most lending institutions need payslips and bank records in order to verify the applicant’s monthly income in this manner. After … Read more

Money Lending License Application and Cost in India

Someone who lends small sums of money at a higher interest rate is called a moneylender. Because the money lender runs a bigger risk of default than typical banks due to a variety of factors, higher rates of interest are charged. People who are in dire need of money but do not have a bank … Read more

Money Lending Business in India: How to Get Started

When someone permits another person to borrow something, this is known as lending (sometimes known as “financing”). The lender lends the borrower cash, real estate, or any other asset with the understanding that the borrower gets to either return the asset or pay back the lender. Basically, the lender creates a loan, and the borrower … Read more