7 Best Money-Making Apps 2023

By | January 24, 2024

Here are the 7 Techyzap picked Best Money-Making Apps of 2023. With just a few clicks on your smartphone, you can quickly and easily make money using these legitimate apps!

We’ve all been in a situation where you definitely need extra money for bills or other daily needs. Luckily, 2023 has never been a better time to utilize apps and technology to make quick money.

Techyzap has reviewed the top money-making applications available today. However, these apps won’t serve as a replacement for your regular employment.

Having said that, they are a brilliant method to earn extra money quickly.

7 Best Money-Making Apps 2023

  1. InboxDollars
  2. Fiverr
  3. Branded Surveys
  4. LifePoints
  5. Instacart
  6. Capital One Shopping
  7. Google Opinion Rewards
Best Money-Making Apps

Best Money-Making Apps

InboxDollars Review:

An app and website that rewards users with cash for playing games, conducting surveys, and other online activities!

By registering their email address, new users will receive a $5 sign-up incentive. Unlike other money-making apps, InboxDollars doesn’t have a “points”-based earning structure. Instead, your profits are displayed in dollars, making it simple to evaluate how much money you actually make.

With a very straightforward UI, the InboxDollars mobile app is also one of the simplest and easiest to use.

Why/Merit of InboxDollars?

  • 100% free to join, start earning money now.
  • cash out options via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards
  • Having been in operation for more than 20 years, you can trust it.
  • Web and mobile apps that are simple to use

Demerit of InboxDollars?

  • Before cashing out earned money, a $30 minimum payout threshold must be reached.
  • Money claims could be delayed as much as two weeks.
  • A few of the supposedly free surveys require you to make a purchase, which means they’re not really free, but however, a good bet to try.

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Fiver is a platform that connects freelancers to even more than 200 brands, such as SEO, writing, graphic design, and virtual assistance.

Once you are signed up for a free account, you can now create a profile outlining your qualifications, offerings, and costs per job listing.

On the website, buyers can easily discover your profile and schedule tasks if qualified. You are paid once the given task is finished. The platform offers three payment options: direct deposit, Paypal, and pre-paid cards from Fiverr.

You go up levels based on how well your sales do. You get to enjoy more frequent listings and front-of-line customer service as a top-rated seller for specific qualifications.

Freelance work has the potential to be quite profitable. When compared to online surveys, a website like Fiverr could help you establish your profession and earn more money on the go.

Why/Merit of Fiverr?

  • Fiverr is recorded to have a high earning potential
  • Does not call for you to place bids on projects
  • A wide range of project needs is provided
  • Fiverr lets you set your desired rate

Demerit of Fiverr?

  • Imposes a 20% commission fee on vendors.
  • Starting a career can be challenging at first.
apps to earn you real money

apps to earn you real money

Branded Surveys:

Techyzap considers Branded Surveys the overall best survey website of 2023. For completing specific tasks like referring friends to the platform or completing surveys, you earn points, which are more like incentives that can be converted to cash.

To better identify which surveys are a suitable match for you, you must answer demographic questions at the time of registration. After that, the platform will email you with qualified surveys to take part in.

However, Branded Elite is a bonus program. The more bonus surveys you complete, the more points you can earn.

Your Branded Surveys points are redeemable for cash payments, as well as gift cards to well-known stores, or donations to nonprofit organizations once you have earned 500 points, or $5.

Branded Surveys can also be a simple way to make some extra cash even if you shouldn’t quit your day job to complete online surveys.

Why/Merit of Branded Surveys?

  • Has an easy-to-use UI (interface)
  • Pays more than most rivals
  • Great selection of gift cards
  • Provides additional badges that boost earnings

Demerit Branded Surveys?

  • Payouts could take up to three weeks.
  • It may be challenging to qualify for some surveys.


Another excellent option while looking at survey sites is LifePoints. Lifepoints is an excellent alternative for quick and simple activities, even though Branded Surveys are probably going to pay out more.

The bulk of its surveys can be finished in 10 or 20 minutes, and they are often easier to qualify for compared to most competitors.

The points system is also used by LifePoints. You receive free 10 extra points after LifePoints registration. By completing surveys after that, you can accumulate more extra points.

Based on your interests and demographics, the website will send suitable surveys directly to your inbox.

LifePoints also offers weekly free bonus points, and occasionally, it holds lotteries for big-ticket items like TVs and tablets.

Why/Merit of LifePoints?

  • Provides a wide variety of survey options
  • Has a variety of possibilities for using points
  • Surveys can be completed in 20 minutes or less.
  • LifePoints is responsive to mobile

DeMerit of LifePoints?

  • Provides mainly surveys for rewards
  • When points are redeemed for gift cards instead of cash, points cost more.


The most prominent grocery delivery business in the nation is definitely Instacart. It runs throughout all 50 states and keeps growing into new cities.

By using Instacart as a full-service shopper, you also make money. After you sign up and provide the necessary information about yourself, your phone service, and your vehicle, Instacart will do a background check about you.

Once you’ve been accepted, you can download the app and specify a week in advance when you’ll be available. You may be able to accept requests immediately in some specific places.

In any case, you can decide whether to accept or decline subsequent orders. Your pay is basically based on your hours, location, delivery distance, and order difficulty. You might likely receive a tip before proceeding.

Why/Merit of Instacart?

  • Provides 100% of tips
  • Enables you to set hours
  • Less driving is necessary compared to Doordash
  • Offers entry-level positions with just a few criteria.

DeMerit of Instacart?

  • Heavy lifting may be necessary
  • Maximum weekly hours are 29
apps to earn you real money

apps to earn you real money

Capital One Shopping:

A savings/coupon shopping tool and browser extension called Capital One Shopping enables you to compare costs between different online merchants, find better coupon codes, and even find better bargains among the numerous Amazon sellers.

When you shop online with Capital One Shopping, you can accumulate points toward gift cards for your purchases. You can receive 1% cash back at Dell.com, 2% at Walmart.com, 9% at JCPenney, or 4% at Groupon. Besides, making money is saving money.

Instantly start your shopping experience with the Capital One Shopping app to collect rewards. Many stores offer credits varying from 2.0% to 10% on average, and some of them even have temporary double rewards!

Why/Merit Of Capital One Shopping?

  • Free to sign up and use, 100% guaranteed
  • In-store reviews versus free mobile apps
  • Automatically adds discounts at checkout
  • Price drop notifications for wishlist items

DeMerit Of Capital One Shopping?

  • Your online activities are monitored (although very secure)

Google Opinion Rewards:

You can participate in brief surveys using the Google Opinion Rewards app in exchange for Google Play Store prizes or money paid via PayPal. Polls, ratings of hotels, and customer satisfaction surveys are just a few examples of survey topics.

The Opinion Rewards app will need access to your location, so keep that in mind. This is due to the fact that some of the surveys you’ll get will be about a store you just visited nearby.

You can also take use of a few wonderful features that this software provides.

  1. If a survey is available, you will be notified. It is therefore unnecessary for you to periodically check-in. You’ll be informed instantly, which is far much better as a user.
  2. The benefits you’ve received don’t require you to ask for payment. You will instantly receive a deposit to your PayPal account once your balance reaches $2.

In conclusion:

Based on the listed 7 Best Money-Making Apps of 2023, if you are very well interested in redeeming earned points for cash, you can consider getting started with InboxDollars.

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