5 Best Financial Strategy to Take Before Buying a Home in Nigeria

By | January 24, 2024

Many people in a country like Nigeria would love to be homeowners, but as wonderful as that is, there is still a lot to understand before getting started.

Purchasing your first house is a significant financial and psychological commitment. Investing in Nigerian real estate might be intimidating, especially if you are unfamiliar with the sector.

5 Best Financial Strategy to Take Before Buying a Home in Nigeria

The entire process can be nerve-wracking because it is one of the most significant purchases of your life, but it is also supposed to be exciting and entertaining, which it can be. While experiencing “first-time buyer” jitters is normal, I mean, when you do something for the first time, it can be stressful. 

What Are the Financial Strategies One Could Inculcate?

Here are a few home buying strategies that can help you relax while purchasing your ideal home in Nigeria:

Run a proper check on the home’s location

Homeowners like to live in a location that is convenient to their favourite locations, such as job, recreation, shopping, school, friends and family, worship, and so on. You should check out for a location with easy access to major highways.

Check out the flow of road traffic as well. Taking good care of all of these things before buying a home in Nigeria will save you money and time to get out and about in the neighbourhood.

Buying a home near your workspace or school will save you money and time on transportation?

Check and confirm the home payment schedule

Purchasing a home in Nigeria necessitates a huge sum of money. Only a few can comfortably afford to pay the whole sum upfront.

Try to check with your bank or lender to see whether they have a dependable repayment plan in place. A dependable financial partner who will guide you through the procedure will be quite beneficial.

When choosing a financial partner, examine aspects such as the affordability of their mortgages and loans and the length of their loan payback duration.

Check the infrastructure, are they top-notch?

The infrastructure of the area where you want to purchase a home is also a crucial issue to consider. Before buying a home in Nigeria, you should try to check to confirm if the area is well-connected by train or road.

5 Best Financial Strategy to Take Before Buying a Home in Nigeria

A sufficient amount of water should be readily available in the vicinity. Finally, check to confirm if the vicinity has good facilities like internet phone access, street lighting, and recreational parks.

Confirm if the home suits your taste

Your preferences and demands will determine the type of home you purchase. Several housing alternatives are available, including apartments, bungalows, condos, mansions, and more.

The type of lifestyle you decide to live will also affect your property selection. After you’ve concluded on the type of house you want, the following step is thinking about the design.

Pick a well-designed home with a pleasing appearance. The materials used, thea colour, the landscape, the size of the house, and other aspects all have a role in the design of the house.

Check the state of the home, is it conducive?

When purchasing a home in Nigeria, you must ensure that it is in good condition. Buying an old house would necessitate a lot of modifications, which might wind up costing you a lot of money.

You don’t want to be in such a situation. That is why, in order to avoid future worry, you must thoroughly evaluate a home before purchasing it.

5 Best Financial Strategy to Take Before Buying a Home in Nigeria

Why Do You Need to Employ These Strategies When Buying A Home?

The following are some of the reasons why you employ these strategies when looking to buy a home in Nigeria:

  • Financial stability during your stay

Despite the covid-19 pandemic, which has harmed many business in Nigeria, real estate is the only investment that is unaffected since it is not volatile. Having and investing in a good home is unique despite the risks associated with forex, stocks, and other forms of investment.

Even though other investments expand swiftly in terms of returns, real estate investing does not. The advantage of employing these strategies is that you do not have to worry about losing your cash overnight due to unexpected expenses.

  • A source of passive income

In Nigeria, real estate investment has provided as a source of passive income. You can rent out a house or a piece of land.

  • The home gets to appreciates in value over time

A piece of land purchased for $300,000 now may be worth $3 million in two years. This is why, when it boils down to home investment in Nigeria, location is crucial. You can receive a loan from a bank to complete a project using your real estate investment as collateral.

  • It ensures financial security

 With Nigeria’s economic downturn in the twenty-first century. Home investment can provide you with a source of income and help you achieve financial stability.

  • The concept of real estate is improved

The market worth of real estate or property can be increased by improving it. What do you mean by that? A property’s value can be increased by making a few minor modifications. For example, a two-story building with a solid base can be upgraded to three or four stories.


Finding a great home for you and the family will require staying true to your priorities. Lot size, Location, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen are just as vital for your enjoyment as they are for resale.

Knowing the condition and age of the house, appliances, and other components will assist you to estimate the amount of work that will be required to keep it in good shape over time. Once you figure this out, you may look into possible pricing offers to see if they are a good investment.

While shopping for the perfect (or close) next house for your family, you’ll put in a lot of time and effort. Make use of your realtor’s, mortgage professionals, and house inspector’s expertise and support to help you along the journey.

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